EU projects

Project title: “Strengthening the competitiveness of the PONDT company through diversifying methods for testing the quality of welds”

Project description: As part of the project, devices for ultrasonic welding testing with several converters (phased array method) were obtained. These devices made it possible to diversify the weld inspection through a modern method. Due to these optimal conditions, we have been able to significantly improve the service and satisfaction of PONDT customers and partners.

Project objective: Strengthening the competitiveness of PONDT through diversified methods for testing the quality of welds. This will result in a service which increases sales revenue and maintains existing jobs as well as creating new jobs.

Total project value: 471.725,00 HRK

Total grant amount: 281.000,00 HRK

Time period of project implementation: 23.10.2017. – 23.4.2018.

Contact person for further information: Jure Burnać,